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MidniteHour Internet Services And Solutions

MidniteHour Internet Services And Solutions was founded in 1995 in Minneapolis, MN. USA. In 1998 MidniteHour Internet Services And Solutions expanded there operations to the UK, becoming one of the very few internet developers to provide effective internet services, website design, web hosting, domain registration and ecommerce solutions to clients in both countries.

As these are the two countries that tend to lead the way in internet strategy and technology, it does mean that our clients benefit from an unusual depth of experience, and can exploit the very latest developments in presentation and communication.

Another unusual feature of MidniteHour is that our Principals have come from a marketing and advertising design background. So our guiding philosophy is always to ensure that clear communication is our priority. Obvious though that may sound, you don’t have to visit many sites to realise how easily it’s overlooked. And merely because something is possible, doesn’t always make it desirable!

Whether you're a design, marketing agency or an independent business - no mater how big or small you are, we’re here to serve you with quality, provide excellent customer support, reliable and cost effective media solutions all in one place, safe in the knowledge that we know what were talking about and just as important - we know how to deliver! You want to deal with professionals who treat your needs seriously, who can appreciate the value of your investment and have the same commitment to its ultimate success as you have.

Well, that’s MidniteHour for you!

We look forward to serving you
- The MidniteHour Team

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